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Test your skills, attempt to Break a World Record in the new Largest Interactive Challenge Gallery! Over 20 Interactive games and challenges. Visit us in Gatlinburg!

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Official Attempts

  • Flying Disk

    If you have great aim this Flying Disc challenge is for you! Throw the discs at the targets - the more marks you strike the closer you get to breaking the record. But you have to move quickly, you only have 60 seconds to hit as many targets as you can!

  • Fast Fists

    In the mood to throw a jab? In Fast Fists you race the clock to see how many punches you can throw in 30 seconds. Challenge your friends, or beat the top score of the day - and if you have lightning speed you could be the Guinness World Records record holder!

  • Hop Scotch

    Thousands of years ago the Romans played hopscotch to test their speed and their strength, Here at Guinness World Records Adventure we focus on the speed! Go against the clock as you attempt to break the record of fastest time hopping the course and back. On your mark, get set, GO!

  • Fastest Texting

    Think you are a fastest text texting champion? Type your way to the top when you attempt to beat the record in Fastest Texting. You will be timed to text the alphabet forwards and backwards! If you are faster than the rest, you become the record breaker!

  • Dance-a-thon

    The fancier your footwork the better! Score as many points as you can if you want to break the world record in Dance A Thon. Don’t miss too many steps though, or else your game will end before the time is up.

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